Grandmother Wafiqa’s Secret CURE

Grandmother Wafiqa’s Secret CURE

When CURE's founder, Zobaida, was a child - her late grandmother used to feed her and her siblings a ‘secret cure’ every morning. It was literally just a spoonful of black seeds, honey, and almonds but it was a healthy and energizing way to start off the day.

Fast forward to several years later, and it’s the inspiration behind our best-selling Roasted Almonds and Honey CURE Bars. The key ingredient in Grandmother Wafiqa’s ‘secret cure’ was Black Seed, and it’s the spotlight ingredient in our CURE bars. For those who are unfamiliar with black seed - it is one of the world’s healthiest superfoods and is an ancient medicinal remedy that has been used by various cultures for centuries.

Other superfoods in our Roasted Almonds and Honey Bars, include sesame seeds and chia seeds.

The perfect breakfast-to-go or a quick mid-day pick me up - our Roasted Almonds and Honey Bars are a favorite for a reason! 


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