About Us

Our Story,

As a child, I spent my mornings watching my grandmother making a dark & rich mixture of nuts, flavourful seeds, and honey. She called it her “secret cure for everything” and believed it protected her from any illness. My grandmother remained fit as a fiddle as she lived to be over 95 years old, thanks to this special mixture that has been passed down through my family for generations.

The key ingredient – Black Seed – is what made the recipe so special. This powerful and aromatic seed is the superhero of natural food. Through sickness and health, she would have us eat a spoonful of this special secret mixture every day.

We have reached a time of surplus in food production, where we have some people run for miles to burn off an indulgent meal while others across the world run for miles to find a single bite to eat. We live in a time where bad food is readily available and unfortunately delicious, leading to pollution of our bodies and souls.

As a college student, I fell victim to junk food addiction while pulling all-nighters studying for exams. As a teacher, I watched my own student’s slum their way through middle school eating refined sugars and bad carbs. Keeping all these factors in mind, I remembered the delightful mixture of black seed, honey, and almonds that I grew up eating.

When I realized that I wanted to share this treat with others, I vowed to turn my grandmother’s concoction of sunnah foods into a modern durable treat for everyone across the world to enjoy. Keeping the Black Seed as the star ingredient, I added my favorite health seeds, nuts, and spices to create the great- tasting CURE bar. Every ingredient in the CURE bar includes ingredients that I prioritize in my daily diet, which is why these bars are my favorite go-to snack.