Made with SUPERFOODS sweetened with Honey. Free Shipping on orders over $40.00

The Original Black Seed Bar: The first health bar in the world to use The Black Seed.

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So excited to have discovered these bars. My 4-year-old loves them! And I love being able to offer him a healthy snack. The social purpose behind the company is an added bonus. Wish these were offered on subscribe and save, Amazon!4 people found this helpful


I don't usually write reviews but I took some extra time to really share how delicious these bars are. The purpose it serves in the society is just an added bonus. I'm so happy to have found them!!


Freshest bar on the market hands down. I love the subtle sweetness that's offered from the honey and the savory note from the black seed. They may seem small, but are the perfect bar to keep in your bag at all times when youre constantly on the go. I hope Cure is thinking of producing new flavors in the future.
Keep up the great quality!

Nina S.