Where are CURE bars made?

CURE Bars used to be made in our Founders kitchen. Each bar was hand mixed, rolled and pressed with love. One day, we received 10,000 orders due to a video of our product going viral on social media and we were no longer able to keep up with demand. We had to upscale manufacturing to a factory in Washington and Ohio where we now make the CURE bars you enjoy.  

Who made CURE bars?

Zobaida Falah

Are Cure bars Gluten Free?

Yes, CURE bars are made with Gluten Free Oats.

Are Cure bars Nut Free?

No, we used nuts and seeds in all of our bars.

Are Cure bars Dairy Free?

Yes, CURE bars are Dairy Free

Are Cure bars Vegan?

Yes and No. The only ingredient that is not vegan is the honey, which we use to sweeten our bars. Some vegans eat our bars.

How long does it take to ship?

Domestically, 2-5 business days.

Do you ship international and how long?

Yes, we ship worldwide. 2-3 weeks.