The New Alternative Cure to Unhealthy Snacks..

The New Alternative Cure to Unhealthy Snacks..

Too much consumption of a food – be it healthy – can be detrimental to our health and well being. High consumption of snack bars often results to the craving for more.

When we fall prey to our desires to consume more of these foods, we tend to go off balance at moderating our intake for these foods and so we end up trading off our well being or sound health for health-related issues like un-necessary weight gain,…..

Be mindful of what we eat, visualizing the rewards that come with eating healthy foods and the consequences of eating unhealthy foods are often the most common approaches to fighting this menace as practiced in our various societies today. These strategies, however, can only be effective when we are able to fight our heart desires (the temptation to eat beyond moderation), endure the pain through and remain consistent all day long in putting these strategies into practice.


The best strategy to fighting temptation or the urge to consume more of bars isn’t in denying ourselves more or part of it; the solution lies in rewarding ourselves with what holds more benefits – health-wise.

The CURE BAR is a cure in itself! It is a snack bar consisting of organic constituents including Natural Honey, Almonds, Oats, Sesame Seeds, Chia Seeds, and of course the Black Seeds (which form a major part of these constituents). This bar – given its Black Seed Constituent together with other organically clustered constituents – has the medicinal ability to Boost Immunity System,  Reduce Inflammation, and Fight Infections.

The demand for Black Seed as well as its by products are continually on the rise due to enlightenment about their medicinal values. I find CURE BAR to be my favorite because it is organic, medicinal and has no side effect.



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