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Black Seed Oil Capsules

Black Seed Oil

Black Seed contains over 100 active chemical compounds that may increase your health. The three ingredients most studied for their effects are:

  1. Crystalline nigellone – well researched for increasing immune function, especially respiratory health;
  2. Thymoquinone – researched for cancer treatment, a compound not yet detected in any other plant;
  3. Beta sitosterol – highly researched for gallstones, urinary/prostate health, cancer, and cholesterol reduction.

Black Seed’s other nutrients:

  • Black Seed contains good fats: oleic acid (olive oil’s health-giving component); poly and monounsaturated unsaturated fatty acids including omega 3 (linolenic acid), omega 6 (linoleic acid), and omega 7 (palmitoleic acid, and arachidonic acid).
  • It contains protein: 8 of the 9 essential amino acids that are combined to make “whole” protein.
  • Black Seed also has vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, folic acid, calcium, iron, copper, zinc and phosphorous.

A little bit of history about the Black Seed

Black Seed is Nigella Sativa, or Black Cumin, a plant that produces seeds that have been used in traditional recipes and cures for over 3000 years. A bottle of black seed oil was even found in the tomb of King Tut!

It originated in the Mediterranean area of the world, but use of it spread around the world:

Ancient Assyrians: called ‘tin tir’, black seed was used for stomach illnesses, and for eye, nose, and mouth wellness and skin irritation

Ancient Babylonia: spice for breads and cakes

Ancient Egypt: skincare and digestive health

Ancient Rome:called ‘Greek coriander’, used for a dietary supplement

Ancient India: assisting digestion, and is now part of the modern practice of medicine known as Ayurveda

Over 60 languages have their own way of referring to black seed.

Thymoquinone (just call it TQ)

The main ingredient found in black seed is thymoquinone. It’s a really long word, but it is packed with benefits for overall health, including Less Pain...

Less Pain

  • Inflammation is the cause of all disease. Your body’s tissues become red, swell and cause pain to draw attention to something not being right. When inflammation is reduced, your pain goes away.

Slowing the Effects of Ageing

  • Joint pain can literally bring you to your knees. Anti-oxidants can help support healthy joints.
  • Most aging disorders are driven by oxidative stress, so black seed oil, rich in anti-oxidants is a very important supplement for aging adults.

Heart Health

  • Since black seed helps reduce inflammation, your heart and arteries can benefit from this effective anti-inflammatory

In boosting memory

  • Your brain’s neurons are especially weak when inflamed. Black seed oil can help improve the health of your brain and even boost memory.  


  • According to a small-scale 2013 study comparing the therapeutic benefits of N. sativa with those of prescription medications, black seed oil can reduce the severity of hand eczema.


  • Research suggests that the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects of black seed oil can improve acne. In one study, 58 percent of participants rated their response to this treatment as good, while 35 percent felt their results were moderate.


  • A 2012 study on mice suggests that the oil may also have antipsoriatic benefits.


  • A placebo-controlled clinical trial on men with abnormal sperm and infertility has found that black seed oil can improve sperm movement and increase sperm count and semen volume.


  • According to an article in the Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism, black seed oil may have anti-diabetic properties and improve blood sugar levels.


  • Recent studies have shown that the thymoquinone in black seed oil can influence programmed cell death, or apoptosis, in several types of cancer cells. These include brain cancer, leukemia, and breast cancer cells.

Our Black Seed Oil Capsules are GLUTEN-FREE - DAIRY-FREE - HALAL


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