Every problem has a cure, and every cure has a story.

Every problem has a cure, and every cure has a story.

Seven years ago, Zobaida, CURE's founder underwent a major fright - something that turned her and her family's life upside down. Zobaida's father had a heart attack and had to undergo emergency open-heart surgery.

It wasn't difficult to pinpoint the culprit: excess red meat consumption coupled with a family history of high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Thankfully, Zobaida's father had a full recovery - however changes had to be made in his lifestyle, and it was those changes that contributed to a speedy recovery, and a seamless transition back into his normal routine.

Working with nutritionists and health coaches, Zobaida and her family made his health the primary focus. They knew the benefits of black seed because of Grandmother Wafiqa, so they began to incorporate black seed oil into his morning routine.

They noticed a change. They noticed an improvement.

Then, they introduced turmeric into his diet - another superfood, with super benefits.

After a few months of alternating between these two superfood supplements, his doctor was amazed at the results.

Zobaida's father no longer complained from joint pain, his heart was healthy and blood pressure controlled, his blood sugar levels regulated, and he never felt better at 60 years old.

That's why Zobaida created CURE Black Seed Oil and Turmeric + Black Seed Powder supplements - for you and your family so that they never have to endure the heartache that Zobaida and her family suffered through.

Invest in your health now. Cure Your World.



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